Wednesday, March 10, 2010

house pics

During a recent weekend project, Wes brought it to my attention that I never really completed my before/after photo montage of our (not so) new house.

It's so hard to believe that we've almost been here one year. Our time here has flown by, but at the same time, I still feel a little nauseous when I think back on all the work we've done....especially since we did it all with two kids in tow! I don't know how we did it, and I hope we never have to do it again!

My little helpers helped me clean the house today, so I thought it would be a good time to take some "after" photos. I didn't include our bedroom, which underwent a huge change, because it's home to a napping baby most of the time and quite honestly, a complete wreck. I also didn't include the bathrooms, because with their 1960 faux marble counters, they're nothing to write home about. One day we'll conquer them...hopefully in the distant future.

For now, we're still enjoying our new house, and taking our projects one at a time. We're looking forward to a few outdoor projects this spring, and eventually, kicking back and relaxing and basking in the knowledge that there's no lingering "to do" list hanging over our heads.

So here we go....




















Please notice the random rainbow that Ava begged me to paint on her wall. You see, initially, when we moved in, she wanted her room painted black. In an effort to persuade her to pick something a little more 3 year old friendly, I some how ended up agreeing to paint a rainbow mural on the wall. Six months later....there you have it.

I thought this picture was funny. As I was walking through the house taking these photos, my mischievous children (spearheaded by Leah no doubt) had raided the pantry. Here they are in their pajamas, playing with canned goods. Like funny little homely people.

I'll have to post some pictures of our master bedroom on another day, when the laundry isn't piled half way up the walls, and the humidifier hasn't left a weird, chalky residue on all the furniture.

You remember that it had fabric walls before, don't you? So, even the laundry/humidifier issue is a major improvement.

In non house related blog news, the girls' and I had a little picnic a few days ago. It was our first, beautiful spring day, and even though the ground was super muddy from past rains, we still had a great time enjoying the sunshine.

Mud buns.

Not to be confused with....

This child loves dirt. Playing with it, eating it, she doesn't really care, as long as she's in it.

We planted a small garden last weekend. Just cucumbers and okra for now. Next year, I'd like to do a raised garden with more space, but I'm a gardening novice, so I didn't want to get too ambitious. Luckily, I have an excellent helper who is very interested in all things botany.

The best thing about having an almost 4 year old for a daughter, is witnessing her sweet curiosity and sudden interest in all the things around her. She's suddenly blossomed into a little gardener, mommy, friend, chef, artist, singer, dancer, comedian, back seat driver, photographer, computer whiz.

The only thing better than these new found explorations is the fact that she still calls chopsticks "pork chops", and she loves to talk about the things she'll do for special "uncassions."

Have I mentioned that I'm loving this age? 3.75 is the best. I can't wait for 4. My babies are getting big, but surprisingly I'm not sad, I'm loving it. They're so fun right now. Busy, yes, but so much fun.

You know what I always say, "Line up all the other 1 and 3 year old girls in the world, and I'd still pick them."

Nowadays though, my special phrase is met with logic,

"But Mommy, what if another girl looked just like me and she sounded just like me? Would you still pick me? How could you tell the difference?"

"I'd always know my Pea." I tell her. That seems to satisfy her....until another "uncassion" of course.


Ashley said...

LOVE your house!!! It is beautiful!

Cham said...

AWESOME! Well maybe we'll have to add gardening to our agenda of things to do. Naomi and I have been out the last few mornings and we can't wait until we get back to finish it. I can bring you some heirloom tomato seeds if you like.

Amanda said...

Wow! You guys did a lot of work! It looks amazing! Great job!

Dandy said...

Found you on YHLK... you did an amazing job on your house!

And your children are adorable :)

Rachel said...

Where did you find the fabric window shade for your kitchen? I am trying to find something with a fun fabric pattern, but having trouble locating something I like. The kitchen looks great by the way!!

A. said...

Hi! Love the re-do. What paint color did you use for your new kitchen/dining area? Great job!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Rachel, I made the fabric shade over the kitchen window using fabric I purchased at a local quilting store.

If you're in the area, it's Cabbage Rose, located on Montgomery in Ft. Worth, and it is WONDERFUL.

Trista said...

Is that a doggie door in your dining room? Ha.

Holly said...

Hi Rachel-

I found my way to your blog from Love your kitchen remodel! We're about to do the same thing. Where did you get the bamboo shades that are in the dining room?


Rachel said...

Trista- It is! Or rather, it was. Wasn't it horrible?

Holly- The blinds were purchased at Walmart, but we've seen them at Lowes, Home Depot, and even Target. Good luck on your remodel!

Erin Asgedom said...

I LOVE the light fixture! I came over from YHL... where did you get it from?

Anonymous said...

Agree about the great light fixture in your dining room! I think you wrote that it's from CB2 - if so I assume it's the plug in type. Did you have to rewire it and how simple/complicated was it?


Rob said...

You have great taste. I came to your blog via YHL because I was intrigued when you said you used beadboard as a backsplash. I was hoping to see a close-up of that treatment. Any chance you can post another photo? Thank you.

Kari's Cupcakes said...

Your kitchen looks amazing! I would love to do that but my fridge is right next to my stove so not sure where I would move that. Plus, I just had my dining room redone by a contest from so I guess I'll just paint my cabinets white and enjoy that for a while - hoping to post before/after pics soon!

Anyway, great work!

Anonymous said...

Love your kitchen! Can you tell me where you got the Initial Hook on the side of the sink that holds your kitchen towel?

Bianca said...

I also came to your website via YHL. Your kitchen reno is absolutely fantastic! We are also on a strict budget and we were considering replacing and/or painting the doors, but now I'm reconsidering the open shelving. Do you find that you have enough space to house all the things that you consider "visual clutter"?

I would LOVE our kitchen to look like yours. You did a fantastic job, especially for under $1000! Great work!

Rachel said...

Rob- I'll take a closer picture of the backsplash so you can see the detail. One coat of primer and two top coats of paint helped to fill in the lines in the beadboard nicely, so cleaning is even easier.

Kari- I can't wait to see your before/after pics! Good luck!

The light in the dining room is from CB2. It was a plug in light, but we hardwired it. It wasn't difficult at all, and didn't cost anything other than a $2 plate that we bought to hide the wires where they connected to the ceiling. My husband did the wiring himself, but a Google search will provide basic instructions.

The hook next to the kitchen window came from Hobby Lobby where they sell all things initial! Truly, you can find most anything in the shape of an "F" or whatever initial you're looking for.

Bianca- I have loved having the doors to the cabinets off. It forces me to keep those cabinets looking nice and tidy, which I needed! Honestly, I've actually had a hard time filling the open shelves in! I didn't have enough "pretty dishes" to fill all the space, so I ended up going a minimal route and putting things like my china on a shelf by itself. Sometimes less is more...or that's what I tell myself!

Directly opposite the kitchen sink, is an entire wall of cabinets as well as our refrigerator, and our in wall oven. Because I had plenty of cabinets that kept their doors, I still had plenty of space to hide my spices, tupperware, kids' plates and cups, and various other things that aren't exactly "sightly".

f*ck said...

Just saw you on YHL, and I had to pop by and say congrats on an amazing kitchen makeover! Inspiring me to get cracking at transforming my own.

Amanda said...

Love your place! It looks great and you've done so much work!

Brad & Karen said...

Great job on a fabulous makeover! Love the red and yellow combo. Could you share what color you apinted the walls? Such a soft warm yellow... :)Karen

Kaylen said...

great job on your house! I just started sanding my white cabinets and will use your blog as inspiration as well as Young House Love. Yay!
Will update pics myself at some point :)
ps- cute kiddos!

Brad & Karen said...

Oh! I also meant to say I love your lone star front door! Karen

The Keylors said...

Found you on YHL. : ) You did a great job!!!Everything looks amazingly better!

shelia said...

love love the kitchen redo. great job! getting ready to do the same thing here. Do you happen to have the name of the fabric you used- i love it.

Anonymous said...

I love your new kitchen/dining room! Would you mind telling me what color of paint you used. Thanks

Heather said...

I saw your makeover on YHL and let me tell you how inspired I am!!! Our kitchen and dining room is exactly the same (as your before) and I have been desperately trying to figure out how to open up the space for five years. I showed my hubs your pics and told him if he comes home to a demo-ed kitchen one day, blame Rachel :) Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Heather said...

Rachel --- a couple of questions if you don't mind!

How high is your "pony" or half wall between the kitchen and dining room? We have an outlet and a light switch that would have to be moved or flipped sideways, I think. If we didn't move them, our pony wall would be like 50" high. Hmmmm.

Why did you chose to leave your soffits above the cabinets?


Rachel said...

Heather- The height of the wall is 43in. It's the perfect height, in my opinion, because it's tall enough to keep our kids from climbing it, yet low enough that I can clearly see them from the kitchen when they're eating at the dining room table. We did have to turn our outlets and light switches on that wall sideways to accommodate for the small space between the countertop and the top of the wall, but it looks fine and hasn't bothered me.

We left the soffits intact for several reasons. Obviously, my first choice was to remove them and raise the cabinets, but we quickly discovered that it would have taken our project from big-yet-doable to gigantic-and-expensive. To remove the soffit, we would have needed to tear out the cabinets, which we weren't sure would survive the demo. Then, we would have needed to raise and reinstall them, and since we didn't love the cabinets to begin with, we just couldn't justify doing all that work to install old cabinets (keep in mind there is another entire wall of soffited cabinets on the opposite wall). We decided that if, in the future, we ever do a complete kitchen tear out with new cabinets and countertops, that would be the time for us to tear out the soffit.

How's that for the worlds longest answer!?

p.s. Please tell your husband not to blame me! :)

p.s.s. Karen, I'm not ignoring your color request...I just can't find the paint! I'll keep looking. Sorry!!

Sheila- The fabric came from Cottage Rose (a local (and WONDERFUL) quilting shop here in Ft. Worth). I can't remember the designer, but they (Cabbage Rose) have a website, so you may have luck finding the print there.

Aly sun said...

Found your blog through YoungHouseLove and really, really enjoyed seeing all the before and after pictures. Your house is very beautiful, yet still livable.

Ashley3 said...

Hi Rachel! I thought your kitchen on YHL looked somewhat familiar and then when I came over here I realized I "know" you from DAM! What a GREAT job you have done on your house! It looks so open & airy & up-to-date~
we have very similar cabinets in our kitchen, but in the original oak. I have thought about painting them, but am not ready to make a commitment yet. You should post your kitchen on Dallas Area Moms (I did my den re-do courtesy of YHL recently) and it is so fun to get positive feedback. Enjoy your new home!

Jackie said...

I know I'm 2 years late but I love your changes!!